Our Mission


About Dermala

Dermala Inc. is a spinout company from the University of California in San Diego. We founded the company to develop better treatments for the most prevalent chronic skin diseases for which the current treatments do not work very well. We use the human microbiome and data to do that. Learn more about the microbiome here. We are a resident of Johnson & Johnson Innovation JLABS @ San Diego.

Our Product Pipeline

We focus on the most prevalent skin diseases like acne and eczema and skin conditions like skin aging. We are developing end-to-end solutions that will consist of microbiome analysis, personalized topical and oral treatments and an app for tracking the treatment outcome and treatment optimization via data analytics, machine learning and AI.

Our Intellectual Property

We have 5 patents pending for using the human microbiome for the treatment of skin diseases and conditions including microbiome compositions, formulations, skin delivery, and methods of treatment.

Our First Product Line

Our first product line is for the treatment for acne. Acne is the most prevalent skin disease worldwide. 50M Americans and 700M people globally suffer from acne every year. In fact, more than 85% of people will get acne at some point in their lives, mainly when they are teenagers. 92% of teenagers will feel depressed at some point because of acne and 14% will feel suicidal over how acne makes them look.

Acne is a $7B global market, but the current treatments do not work very well. They were all developed more than 30 years ago, have low efficacy and very unpleasant and sometimes very serious side effects. Now is the right time to change how acne is treated. Why? Because of recent advances in sequencing, genomics, and human microbiome, we understand better what acne is and what causes it. And because of the convergence of life sciences with software, data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence, we have a significantly better understanding of how to treat and prevent it. Learn more about acne and what Dermala is doing to change the course of the acne disease here.

Our Team

Lada Rasochova PhD, MBA

Lada is the founder and CEO of Dermala Inc. Lada is an experienced business executive as well as scientist by training. She has been involved in commercialization of pharmaceutical and biotechnology products for the past 20 years. She spent more than 15 years in biotech and pharma industry where she held various management and leadership positions, including as the director of new business development in the Dowpharma division of the Dow Chemical Company. Prior to Dow, she was with Mycogen, a biotechnology startup that was acquired by Dow Chemical. Lada came back to academia in 2009 and joined the Rady School of Management at UC San Diego with the goal to increase commercialization outcomes through education, mentorship, and startup infrastructure. She founded the California Institute for Innovation and Development (CIID) that serves as an entrepreneurship hub, the Rady Venture Fund, a VC fund (where she is the managing director) that invests in early stage technology companies, StartR accelerator that provides support to emerging startups, and award winning mystartupXX accelerator that supports female-led technology startups. As a result, more than 150 startup companies were founded by the Rady School students and alumni to date. Lada is the recipient of numerous awards including most recently the Athena Pinnacle Award (2014), Most Innovative Thinkers award (2016), and San Diego 500 Influential Business Leaders awards (2017).

Michelle Kem PhD
Product & Technical Operations
Alex Alim
Software & Data Analytics
Milovan Crowley
Bianca Endo
Social Media

Our Location

We are a resident of Johnson & Johnson Innovation JLABS @ San Diego.

Our mailing address is:
Dermala Inc.
3210 Merryfield Row
San Diego, CA 92121