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What's In Your #FOBO KIT


Having clogged pores is like wearing a heavy coat in summer. You’re hot, inflamed, and feel gross underneath. Our FDA-approved acne treatment pads are like putting on a moisture-wicking top. They unclog pores, kill acne-causing bacteria, and reduce inflammation. And they look great doing it.

Strengthens good bacteria Kills bad bacteria Unclogs pores Reduces inflammation

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with Benefits™

What kind of cleanser answers your late-night call? Does it show up with harsh ingredients and leaves you tense and irritated? Or does it lift away dirt and oil gently? You should be as happy about your cleanser in the morning as you were last night.

Reduces oiliness Gently cleanses pH Balanced

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to Be™

When your gut bacteria are out of balance, your skin is too. Our unique combination of zinc, probiotics, prebiotics, vitamins, enzymes, and antioxidants gets the balance right. Clear skin starts from within.

Strengthens good bacteria Kills bad bacteria Improves immune system health Reduces inflammation*

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(If You Can)™

Popping pimples: Sometimes satisfying, always a bad idea. You spread bacteria around, inflame your pores, and cause scarring. Don’t do acne’s job for it! Our patches work like magic on stubborn pimples. Only it’s not magic, it’s science. Yay science!

Speeds healing Stops the spread of bacteria Absorbs oil and pus Reduces scarring Reduces inflammation Reduces redness*

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