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Got #FOBO?

You’re not alone. So many of us live with FOBO – the Fear of Breaking Out. In fact, about 700 million people worldwide are affected by C. acnes (that’s acne, it’s a bacteria!). And for a lot of them, regular drugstore treatments just don’t do the trick

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What's in the #FOBO® Acne Treatment Kit?

  • SCANTILY Pad® AM/PM Acne Treatment
  • CLEANSE with Benefits AM/PM Cleanser
  • SUPPLEMEANT to Be® Daily Pre + Probiotic Mix
  • PATCH Me (If You Can)® Targeted Pimple Patches
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Here’s why regular acne treatments don’t work

Tried everything, from over-the-counter creams to prescription meds to supernatural solutions (ok, just that one spell), but still aren’t seeing great results for your skin? It’s not you, it’s skincare. See, most standard acne treatments are one-size-fits-all solutions. But we don’t have one-size-fits-all skin.

  • Standard acne treatments haven’t been updated in over 60 years
  • Old solutions don’t use our modern understanding of the gut-skin connection
  • Over-the-counter products can’t be adjusted based on how they affect your skin

So toss away the cookie cutter skincare solutions from before they put a man on the moon, and let’s get your microbiome in shape. (A microbi-what? Learn more here)

Dermala Works

Because Dermala is acne fighting for the modern age, personalized to fit the skin you’re in.

  • Customized to your skin

    Oily, sensitive, dry? We got you.

  • Developed using modern science and technology

    Yep, pre-, post-, and probiotics can help clear your skin (science!).

  • Sent to your door monthly

    And optimized monthly based on your results. Ooh, fancy.

It’s easy to get and simple to use, with no extra bells and whistles. Just the personalized acne treatment system you need to get clear, healthy, beautiful skin. Start Personalization

Don’t just take our word for it

An FDA-approved acne treatment with tons of glowing customer reviews? It’s true. Not to brag or anything.

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