Curing Acne by Balancing Your Microbiome

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How Acne is Formed

Excess Oil

Acne occurs when glands in the follicles of the skin become overactive and produce excess oil. 

Dead Skin

A buildup of dead skin combines with excess oil to clog pores.

Bad Bacterium

Bacteria that live on the skin infect the plugged follicles. This causes the surrounding skin to become red and sore, and produce pus. 

What We Do Best

We use patented technology that we researched, that balances your bacteria without the use of harsh Antibiotics or Benzoyle Peroxide. All of our products are vegan, organic and have not been tested on animals.

All you need to do is work our products into your existing routine for long lasting clear skin

Balancing Your Skin

Acne Treatment Pads

$29.99 $39.99

Acne Treatment Pads

What It Does

A Prebiotic for your face, our pre-medicated pads feed good bacteria and specifically target bad bacteria on your face. The good bacteria, armed with nutrients, work to keep your face clear and balanced. For a more thorough explanation with ingredient  list click here

Balance Your Gut

Advanced Probiotics

$19.99 $29.99

Advanced Probiotics

What It Does

Our Advanced Probiotics  contain a carefully selected combination of seven probiotic strains specifically designed to reduce acne inflammation, skin oiliness, and acne severity.  For a more thorough explanation with ingredient  list click here 

Healthy Skin + Healthy Gut =Clear and Beautiful Complexion

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is dermala different from other Acne Treatment solutions?

At Dermala we take a holistic approach to skincare based on our own scientific research. Other skincare products are harsh and destroy the good bacteria on your skin that are important for hydration, elatsticity, brightness and general skin health.

What we do different:

Our products are designed to selectively eliminate bad bacteria and support good bacteria for optimal microbiome balance.

Many companies choose to ignore the gut when fighting acne but research shows an unbalanced gut can contribute to acne. We treat both the skin and the gut.

Our products don't containt antibiotics,  parabens, phthalates or other harsh chemicals.

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