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Tell us about your acne so we can determine what formulation to include in your #FOBO kit.


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What is the #FOBO Kit?

It's a 4-piece kit that fights acne by using YOUR microbiome. This kit has everything you need and the ingredients are PERSONALIZED to your skin:

SCANTILY Pad™ AM/PM Acne Treatment
CLEANSE with Benefits™ AM/PM Cleanser
SUPPLEMEANT to Be™ Daily Pre + Probiotic Mix
PATCH Me (If You Can)™ Targeted Pimple Patches
Each one is formulated with clean, natural ingredients, and a specific blend of pre-, pro-, and postbiotics. Working together, they balance the microbiome by helping your good bacteria flourish, and keeping the bad bacteria in check.

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An acne treatment that is PERSONALIZED to your skin

After answering five questions about your skin, we'll put together a #FOBO kit that is customized to you. Your custom #FOBO kit will come with a cleanser, acne treatment pads, a probiotic supplement, and pimple patches, BUT the ingredients are customized to YOUR skin's needs! Get yours now!

Your skin—and your microbiome that drives it—are as unique as you. Get a kit that's tailored to your skin's needs! Take the Skin Quiz arrow_forward

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How does Dermala compare?

Dermala Other Acne Treatments
Monthly price $49.99 $10-$150
Product Properties
Supports good skin bacteria

SE Microbiome Complex

Kills acne-causing bacteria
No antibiotics
No side effects

After we balanced their microbiome


After 2 weeks

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After 4 weeks

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After 8 weeks

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How is Dermala Different?

It’s amazing what you can accomplish with a modern understanding of the human microbiome, the gut-skin axis, DNA sequencing, and some data science.

Our acne-fighting regimen was developed by scientists at leading U.S. universities and perfected by experts in acne treatment. It fights all the causes of acne, not just one of them. It has been clinically tested, and approved by the FDA. Take the Skin Quiz arrow_forward

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Why the Microbiome Stuff Then?

Good question. Our microbiome is just the collection of bacteria in and on our bodies. Most of it’s good for us, helping to protect against germs, break down food for energy, produce vitamins, and develop our immune system. Sometimes our microbiome gets imbalanced, though. That’s called dysbiosis. It can happen both on the skin and in the gut. In the case of acne, dysbiosis in the skin causes C. acnes to get stronger and eventually outgrow the good guys. The imbalance in the gut increases inflammation throughout the body, which just makes the inflammation happening on the skin worse. Hellooo acne.

Why don't regular treatments work?

Go down the list—benzoyl peroxide, retinoids, antibiotics—they’re all short-term fixes with big-time side effects. They each address just one of the many causes of acne, so if they work at all it’s only for a short time. Then you’re stuck with the aftermath.

Benzoyl peroxide and retinoids dry out the skin like crazy. Which, yes, clears up that one pimple, but guess what the body does with dry, irritated skin? It makes the only lubricant it can: sebum. And the cycle repeats.

60% of people with acne have some level of antibiotic resistance. If you’re one of them, good luck trying antibiotics for persistent acne. And, antibiotics kill good bacteria too, further messing with your microbiome balance.

Accutane (isotretinoin) is another bad option. It has been associated with birth defects, depression, gastrointestinal disorders, nose bleeds, joint pain, and poor bone development. Yikes. It’s a last resort for a reason.

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