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Supplements WORK

The supplements are the ONLY thing that has helped the acne that showed up to stay on my 29th birthday. I tried EVERYTHING topical: retinol, lactic acid, glycolic, benzoyl. The probiotics have SAVED my life!!

Great Personalized Solution to Acne-Prone Skin!!

I have now been using this product for 3 weeks and I have seen great improvements in my skin! My before and after photos so far show that I have less frequent, smaller, and less-red breakouts. The cleanser is gentle for my skin but does leave me feeling more dry (but after my entire routine I am fine), the acne pads are great (i recommend letting your face air dry before continuing with your routine), I LOVE the probiotic mix supplements!! I was so excited about the pimple patches but they unfortunately did not work for me. They would keep falling off before the hour or even overnight and I would never see the change to white as it suggested (it removes the pus); I think this would work best if you have pustule acne! overall, really happy with these products and can't wait to finish them!!

Soraya Raji
The absolute best!

my acne has gotten very bad these past few months because of school, eating habits, stress, etc. my routine wasn’t cutting it anymore and I couldn’t get the acne to budge. the scantily pads are one of the only things that helps me clear my skin, fast! I love using the pads at night and following up with their patches. I absolutely love dermala and their products! they really work 🥰

Love this!

These products are literally amazing for my skin! I love that they each tackle a different aspect of what causes acne and they work really well.

Great product

I honestly love everything about these products and they work really well for me.

Love this Kit for Hormonal Acne

I've had severe acne for years as a teen and for a short while after I turned 20. The only cure was accutane, and now that that's over all I'm left to deal with now is hormonal, sometimes painful, cystic acne. I looked into treatments a few months back when my acne started to come back but the topical stuff wasn't good enough on it's own. But this kit does what those treatments can't, it offers pre and probiotics that help calm my skin as well. I stopped using it for a while when I was almost running out and my acne started to come back again, but to be clear it's never fully gone away after the post-Accutane glow was over. However, after not taking it for weeks it did irritate my stomach when I tried to start taking them again, but that's to be expected with most probiotics. Still, it's not a complete cure since I still have plenty of hormonal acne that will probably sadly never go away, and I still do break out a lot around that time of the month, but this definitely helps keep my acne at bay at least. On the plus side the salicylic pads are also great and definitely help too, but I can do without the cleanser and the patches. I find the cleanser is just ok for me since it surprisingly too gentle actually and the patches don't work at all for me really, I've tried multiple with my cystic breakouts and they never seem to go away even after leaving the patches on all night. To summarize, the pads and probiotics are great, but the cleanser and patches are not so great, at least for hormonal acne. It'll probably work for regular zits like whiteheads. :) (FYI: These pictures are in fluorescent bathroom lighting which does me no favors, but not even that can capture how bad my skin looks in real life because my phone camera is a bit outdated.)

Loving these products

My skin is feeling great even if I'm still experiencing breakouts. It's only been two weeks and I will be able to better give details after a month but they do make your skin feel amazing clean and soft

The gut/skin connection is REAL.

I have been looking for a dermatologist or product that takes seriously the gut/skin connection, and I finally found it in Dermala. No other product has shown continuous improvement for my teen daughter’s severe acne including prescription drugs and expensive laser treatments. I’m recommending Dermala to everyone!

Dermala Saved my Skin!

Before I got Dermala, I was desperately searching for a treatment that would save me extremely dry, inflamed skin. I remembered seeing an ad a few months back and I thought it was funny. So, I decided to try Dermala. It works AMAZING! I use it with a First Aid Skincare moisturizer, and my skin is almost perfectly clear!! I’m so happy with the results. :) Below I included a before and after. I had only been using Dermala for a few days! The up close picture does not show the condition my skin was in very well.

it works!!!!!


Works disgustingly well

Working in a professional setting, I really can't have white heads on my face so either I pop them myself and my face turns red and hurts. OR, the better way I have found is at night I exfoliate and stick one of these over a white head. When morning comes around the patches are full and I peel them off my face with a sick fascination. Its really gross, but just feels right getting that gunk out of my pores. They come in different sizes and stay on through the night!

Good Product

The probiotic are wonderful and help me to keep my face clear by eating more healthy and taking the supplements daily.


Great products, it’s keeping my acne under control!

PATCH Me (If You Can)®

Camille Innette
Really liked this!

I have been using salicylic acid for about a year now. I really liked these pads because they aren't harsh on my skin. I feel like it helps me keep my skin clear so I definitely have this on my night routine. I use it twice or three times a week and really like it!

PATCH Me (If You Can)®
Camille Innette
Love these!

Love these patches, I love to sleep with them and when I wake up I see how much it has helped!

#FOBO 4 Piece Kit - Month-to-Month


I love these patches so much!! They're perfect to target specific pimples and it's so satisfying to take them off in the morning.

Rose Merle Barrett
My 10 year old granddaughter

…has been using your products and is very pleased with the appearance of her skin. As long as she is happy I will continue to order your products.


Hydrocolloid went viral on social media for being bought in stores with large patches but the problem with large patches is that cover too much of an area causing in skin problems...thankfully this patch has the perfect size for a sizing to pimples. They come with two different sizes and you just size it to pimple and I wear it for 24 hours and the pimple is always dramatically reduced and the pus has been withdrawn from the pimple.

#FOBO® 4 Piece Kit
Probiotic Skincare is a game changer

I'm a convert, I never really understood the benefits of probiotic skincare until I tried this line. Currently loving the patches but definitely also noticed lesser acne since introducing probiotic skincare into my routine!

Best ever

This supplement alone has made 100% of any acne disappear this is the best pre pro and post biotic I’ve ever used. I’m on my second month and everyday gets better. It took a good couple of weeks to get in my system and notice and I swear every single day my skin gets better. I don’t breakout at all. Not even that time of month anymore!!

It really work's,Thanks to the patch I put it on and the next morning the pimple is almost gone so put another on and by the end of the day it is gone, Thanks again

PATCH Me (If You Can)®
Courtney Warner

PATCH Me (If You Can)®

Love This!

I've tried a handful of acne patches, and for the most part they were pretty useless. I decided to give this brand a try because my breakouts were getting annoying, and I'm very happy to say these genuinely work for me! It either draws the acne out, or brings it to the surface of my face (which is also good), so overall really positive results. Also super helpful for spots of body acne