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SUPPLEMEANT to Be® Pre + Probiotic Skin Mix


I’ve been struggling with acne the last few years out of nowhere. I tried every traditional “acne” treatment with no luck. These products are amazing and have completely cleared up my skin! I use the cleanser and moisturizer and could not be happier.

Clear skin, fast!

My son was having a moderate amount of pussy pimples around his chin and forehead. We thought we would give DERMALA Supplement To Be a try and WOW! We saw a difference in less puss within a week and after two weeks his face was almost completely clear of any acne. I’ve never seen anything like this except antibiotics. But this is much more natural and better for you. I would recommend DERMALA To Be to anyone who struggles with acne. It’s well worth it!

Acne Probiotic Supplement

It is so amazing. I feel a lots better. Thank you 😊

Best facial lotion I’ve tried

It doesn’t burn. It actually feels good on my skin once applied. It seems to help reduce all my different types of acne flare ups. I use a benzoyl peroxide spot treatment, let it dry, then apply this all over. It’s great for dry skin where my facial hair grows. Most lotions cause flare ups. This one doesn’t.

Definitely helped my hormonal acne...

I discontinued the use of my daily birth control which caused me to have acne on my face and neck where I had NEVER previously broke out before, and nothing was working to stop my breakouts. I'm in my mid-20's and typically don't care to write reviews, but the reviews on this page are what encouraged me to invest in this product, so hopefully my review can help you make a decision too. Once I realized that my acne was rooted internally and it didn't matter how many products I put on my skin- I found Dermala supplements and after taking them EVERY day for a couple months, I have had ~minimal~ breakouts on my face and neck. It's truly made a difference. My acne isn't completely gone yet, but I'm hoping that with my new supplements and daily skin routine, I am on my way to pimple free skin!

Life Saver

I am in my mid-20s and for the past 2 years have battled with late onset hormonal acne. This was painful and affected my chin/jaw area. I tried everything (literally everything). I have been taking these supplements for 3 months and see a major difference. No more breakouts, dark spots are lightening, and overall the texture of my skin is smooth. Highly recommend these paired with the Oat moisturizer.

Saved my skin

I had really bad acne before I started taking the supplement. I starting taking it in April and within 3 months my skin was already looking better. Now it’s the best it’s ever been!

Cleared my sons face pretty quickly

My 14 year old has been battling moderate face and body acne for about a year and a half. We’ve recently added in the Dermala vitamins (after being advised to put him in accurate) his face has cleared about 80% and his back/chest break outs have drastically reduced. I think with time Dermala will solve his acne issue. We are pleased so far!

OAT So Sweet Daily Moisturizer

SUPPLEMEANT to Be® Pre+Probiotic+Vitamin Skin Mix

Loving this product so far!

I think this product is working for me so far, I'm about to wrap up month two of taking the supplements and I think I'm seeing slight changes! I don't struggle too much with acne, it's typically hormonal, but seems to be minimizing around my menstrual cycle.

Amazingly works for me.


soothing and moisturizing

this is def the best moisturizer i’ve ever tried! it instantly soothes my face when i put it on and my skin feels moisturized for the rest of the day. i have a lot of redness and rosacea on my face and the has calmed it down and helped! <333

Saved my skin!

I usually never write reviews unless a product makes a significant difference - and this supplement is truly incredible. I was experiencing awful breakouts from stress/gut-related hormone imbalances and this supplement saved my skin! I used to use another brand’s DIM supplement years ago, but will continue to repurchase this one indefinitely. Combined with the right topical exfoliants, I haven’t broken out since using this product. I am convinced taking this has made all the difference! So thankful I found this!

Hormonal Rebalance

Since getting off BC my hormones have been out of control and causing my face to break out so bad. After much research I’m happy I went with the DIM Skin Mix. In about 2 weeks I already noticed a huge difference in my skin. You definitely need to be consistent taking these plus take the pill with a meal!

My skin is glowing!

I have had acne since I was seven years old. This supplement started working within the first week. My skin is clearer, the tone is evening out and dare I say, it’s glowing! Very encouraging results!

I had hormonal cystic acne every month before I started my period And now they are gone!!

Working well for me. I have no acne since taking this product.

Supplement to Be

As someone who has had acne for over sixty+ years these pills have done their job. They are the best!!!

Amazing Results!

I've had acne my whole life! It was since I was 10. This product has helped with the cystic acne I started getting as an adult. In my 40's I can finally say I have clear skin!

Very useful

a makeup artist I always use cotton pads to remove makeup, I love these refuse pads since you can wash them and they look like new, they are also very soft and do not mistreat the skin at all. I also use them to apply my tonic.

I love it!

I had never used a specific supplement for my skin, and this one from Dermala in a few weeks my skin looks softer, brighter and healthier! I loved them, I recommend them if you want to make a change to your skin.