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My face was so bad for years, I had gone through all kinds of topicals and antibiotics. Once I started Dermal, it was really rough for a few months, but now I have nearly no acne, just the left over scars!! I have used the face wash and moisturizer, and the Acne pads and Probiotic supplements.

Both excellent products. Helped tremendously


This is the ONLY product that has helped clear my hormonal acne and keep it at bay! Thank you, Dermala for restoring my skin and helping me feel like myself again.

Not sure if it is working yet

The SUPPLEMEANT to Be® Pre+Probiotic+Vitamin Skin Mix appears to reduce my acne, but I'm still breaking out around the jaw line. At least the breakout is not as bad as before with huge painful acne.

SUPPLEMEANT to Be® Pre+Probiotic+Vitamin Skin Mix

Unbelievably wonderful!

My skin has improved ten fold! Soooo happy I discovered dermala!!!

It’s changed my skin!

I couldn’t be more happier with the results! I’ve suffered with acne since I was a teen, and as an adult. I’ve tried everything!! Literally. It would work for a short time- then completely stop working. I found this online, and thought what do I have to lose?! I’m so glad I took that chance! It’s seriously changed my life. Thanks to Dermala!! :)

I love it! It improved my skin tremendously!!

Really works!

Excited to have found a product that truly works. Impressed with the results and hope DIM Skin Mix won't ever be discontinued!

Great product for hormonal acne treatment - highly recommend!

I've been on a quest for about 2-3 years now, attempting to find a solution to support my skin through the difficulties of hormonal acne as an adult. I've tried everything ranging from pharmaceuticals to herbal medicines - both of which have either been too strong or not strong enough. After some research about vitamins and minerals, I came across this mix which included all the vitamins that seemed to line up with the kind of vitamins I thought would be good for my acne treatment. I've been taking it daily for a month now, and already my skin feels SO much better + is clearing up a ton!! Most relief I've had for awhile - highly recommend giving this a go if you've also been moving with the difficulties of hormonal acne. :)


Very easy to use and effective in reducing acne

Very Moisturizing

Miracle product

I was so skeptical but this product is amazing. I was getting hormonal acne breakouts on a daily basis. After 2-3 weeks I could see a huge difference. I haven’t had any breakouts since 3-4 weeks of using this product.

SUPPLEMEANT to Be® Pre+Probiotic+Vitamin Skin Mix

PATCH Me (If You Can)® S/M/XL
Amy Dormer

PATCH Me (If You Can)® S/M/XL

The best moisturizer I've found

I was on the hunt for a truly nourishing, non-comedogenic moisturizer for my sensitive/dry/acne prone skin, and this is the only one I've found. It's become my holy grail and the only thing that calms my skin down on days my skin is incredibly irritated and hates me.

Perfect light-weight moisturizer!!

I have sensitive skin and this is now my favorite moisturizer. It is lightweight and absorbs easily. Also love that it is unscented and it has the microbiome complex. Dermala products have been a life-changer for me. I have zero breakouts now and what I thought was rosacea for years is completely gone. Highly recommend!!

A must have



I have been taking with Vitamin skin mix
Still have pimple once a while but it could heal faster
Thank you

PATCH Me (If You Can)® S/M
Kristin Gillespie
Good Results So Far

Seems to help my daughter!

Surprised & happy!

I had severe jaw and neck cyctic acne and started noticing they were leaving scars and that's when I panicked. My whole life I've struggle with different types of acne in different areas so I was exhausted from trying anything else, I lost hope. My bf actually took on doing some research and found Dermala, I figured "what the heck" right? Now it's been 1.5 months since taking it and my acne is almost completely cleared! I can't believe it, I have no more pain on my jaw and neck and I'm not self conscious being in public now. Amazing and so surprised!

You need to try this.

I had never suffer from acne as a teen but once I finish high school it was crazy. At 18 my acne got worse
Tried everything! Everything to the most expensive creams to dermatologist. I went vegan and it worked! But my life style got busier and cooking at home is impossible. My ances got worse bc of my eating habits, stress and the list goes on.
Went in birth control and it worked but the side effects got to me so I had to stop a massive cystic acne covered My face, period acne was worst. Tried everything and my last hope was this and I was not expecting this to work at all. Zero hopes on this product.
Bought a bottle and then cancel my subscription bc I knew it wasn't going to work but after 2 weeks!!!! Wooow my acne is nothing like it was. My period got here and I usually break out horribly and I did but not as I would. I just subscribed again and order 2 bottles.
I love this.

the best

these have worked so well for me i’ve been using these for abt 4 months and within the first week i alr saw improvements! 100% should buy these!!!!!!