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Awesome product

Love these scantily pads. They are working perfectly for my son!!

Patch Me (if You Can)™

#FOBO - Commitment Issues

Significant decrease in pimples over all, but still some that keep popping up. Oilyness is way down

Demala Patch

I love these. I put them on at night after washing my face. The breakout heals in a couple of days instead of week. I ordered more and will continue to order.

Great products!! Absolutely clearing up my son’s skin! Thank you Dermala!!!!

Scantily Pad

I love this product. Didn't dry out my skin or cause redness. Breakouts cleared out much faster. Will definitely reorder.

Patch Me (if You Can)™

Early review

So far, the blemishes have definitely become less. I do find the pads and cleanser a bit drying, so I only use it once per day and then top with my usual moisturizer. Happy with it so far, but time will tell.

The best costumer service!

I had a problem with the shipping company and the costumer service helped me out instantly.. and so far i'm loving the 2 of using it and already loving it..thank you for the help dermala..i'm glad im part of the dermala user now

Works great on stubborn acne

I have the face wash and patches. I feel they are both working great in just a week that I have been using them. I’ve tried SO many products to help with my chin acne and acne scars and these products help them disappear or speed up the process of healing! 

patched up

I've enjoyed these patches so far. From what I can tell it helps minimize the pimples not get rid of them. I also found the smaller ones useless for my types of pimples and you get more of the smaller patches than the larger ones. Otherwise, a still very effective product that I will most likely use very little of due to pimple/patch sizes. Also, kind of funny to find the little patches on my pillow since I move around a lot at night.


Loved it

Feeling Good?

So far I've seen some improvements on my overall skin health. I'm cautiously optimistic, as other things I've tried have also had short term.

Dermala Saved my Skin!

Before I got Dermala, I was desperately searching for a treatment that would save me extremely dry, inflamed skin. I remembered seeing an ad a few months back and I thought it was funny. So, I decided to try Dermala. It works AMAZING! I use it with a First Aid Skincare moisturizer, and my skin is almost perfectly clear!! I’m so happy with the results. :) Below I included a before and after. I had only been using Dermala for a few days! The up close picture does not show the condition my skin was in very well.

Great results so far!

I bought this for my 16-year-old son Who has horrible cystic acne. In a little over 10 days his face is clearing up and the blemishes are drying up all over his face. I can’t wait to see what it looks like in two more weeks

Scantily pad

Love this product. It has helped my breakouts.

Patch Me Works

These patches work! The only reason I gave only 4 stars rather than 5 is because they can only be used as spot treatment. I would love to see this formula in a leave on treatment that covered a whole area!


I’m in menopause and hormones made my skin worse- adult acne It’s something I’ve always struggled with. I have the added challenge of having very sensitive skin that dries out easily. I’ve been using the scantily pads for about 2 weeks now, and noticed a marked improvement in my skin. This congestion in my pores-means less breakouts. Also, usually anything with salicylic acid is way too drying for me… But this one is gentle enough to be effective —but not cause me to peel. I guess it’s the aloe?

Great products!

I initially purchased the face wash and pads for my teenage son. I was very pleased to see his complexion clearing and brightening very quickly. I then purchased a set containing the face wash, pads and probiotics for myself. I don’t have acne but I thought it may help with the oily complexion that I have dealt with since I myself was a teen. Without a doubt these products are making a remarkable difference in my skin. I can actually wear my make up and get through almost an entire day without blotting my t-zone. By the way, I live in Florida where it’s very humid so that’s saying a lot. The citrusy scent of the face wash is very light & refreshing also.

Better Skin

Surprised how the product has cleared my skin

Works Fast!

I received Dermala two weeks ago and started using it immediately. After about two or three days of using the cleanser and pads, I noticed that my skin was extremely soft and smooth. After two weeks, I hardly have breakouts when I used to have new acne on my face every morning. I currently am amazed at how quickly this product worked and how well it did when basically nothing else has worked on my acne in the past. Thank you so much!


So far so good!

I like the face wash and the spot treatments are great for when something pops up during my cycle. I can only use the salicylic acid wipes once a week because my skin is so sensitive, but so far so good!


These are best supplements/probiotics I have used for my acne, and when I went off of them for a couple of weeks, there was a noticeable increase in my acne.