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My new favorite product

I am IN LOVE! After running out of a fan favorite moisturizer I tried my DERMALA and I am obsessed. I will no longer be purchasing the brand I used to use and instead will be focusing on this brand!


Were nice for getting rid of white heads and smoothing skin.

SUPPLEMEANT to Be® - Daily Vitamin Mix

Squeaky Clean and Smooth

The fragrance-free, silky gel cleanser creates a soft milky foam that deeply rids my skin of impurities, hydrates, soothes, and brightens. I love the creamy texture; it rinses clean without stripping, drying, or irritating my skin. Definitely a must have!

I’m OATS about this Moisturizer

The fragrance-free, lightweight, fast-absorbing moisturizer leaves my skin feeling calm, nourished, and protected with no tacky residue. As an oily skin gal, the moisturizer quickly improved my skin tone and texture and brightened old dark spots and blemishes. I love this moisturizer!

PATCH Me (If You Can)®
Lauren LeCompte
Helps so much!

These are so good for when I can’t stop touching my pimples. They really clear them up too!

Denise Sargent
Dermala is amazing

I ordered this product in capsule form for my thirteen year old grandson . His acne is pretty severe. Dermala has made an incredible difference. His acne is almost gone. He has only been using it for about twenty days!!!

Tina Chapman
A Product That Works!!!

I am so happy to find an acne product that works! After about three weeks I really noticed a difference in my skin. Hormonal Acne No More! Thank you for this wonderful product!

Great but not enough product

ive finally found the perfect moisturizer that doesn't break me out, works great under makeup and I don't wake up feeling super dry. I would give it 5 stars if it wasn't such a small amount.
The only thing is it is not enough product to last a month, barely even 3 weeks. and without being able to see the inside of the bottle I cant tell when it is running low/to order a new one. Please put more fl oz in the bottle.
Because of my schedule I moisturize about 2-3x a day (morning routine, after later afternoon workout/shower, and nighttime routine) One pump is the perfect amount and I'm so glad it is in a pump.

Skin Savior

I have been using DIM Skin Mix and the Pre + Probiotic Vitamin Supplement together for a month and have now signed up for the autoship of these two because my skin has been doing so well. I'm 37 and started getting "under the skin" pimples around my chin and jaw area. They weren't white heads and I'm assuming they were due to changes in my hormones. I could tell a difference within a week of using these two supplements. I'm not sure if I could do one without the other... I may try that at a later date, but since they're working with keeping my skin clear, I'm not going to change anything up for a while. Highly recommend these over buying more products to put on externally.

Working so far

I’ve only been taking this for 30 days but my skin was much clearer this cycle.

This helped my skin so much...

tried several moisturizers out there and I was so happy when Dermala released their own moisturizer. I use this with the other Dermala products and really noticed a difference in texture of my skin! Its lightweight and perfect base for layering my other skin products. Huge fan.

It’s helping I see the results

Acne Treatment Pads & Acne Probiotic Supplement

Good product

The pads work great and so the probiotic I am very happy with the results thanks

OAT So Sweet Daily Moisturizer


I love Dermala

Works great!

Very effective on my regular acne and does a pretty good job on the big cysts that come along too.... reduced the swelling and they heal much faster. Stings a little at first... no pain, no gain

#FOBO® 4 Piece Kit
Elly Clarisse

Very nice

ramirez Jose luis


It’s helping!

The only thing that has helped!

I just received my second bottle of the DIM Skin Mix and I love it! I mainly get acne during my cycle so I knew that my issue was my hormones. This has helped calm the frequency and amount a pimples that I get around that time of the month. It also has helped them to go away much quicker as when I do get some, they’re much smaller and not so inflamed and angry.

With taking this regularly, I’m really hoping to see close to 0 breakouts during my next cycle. I also know it depends on me and what I eat and how often I touch my face. I’m working on getting my diet in order as well to keep seeing amazing results.

AMAZING for my hormonal acne

I never review anything but THIS gave me my confidence BACK! I was having cystic hormonal acne since November of 2021. I would get a pimple every week nonstop, my hormones were wayyy out of whack. My dermatologist suggested me to try these and I’m so glad I did because since March of this year 2022 that I started using it I’ve only gotten 3 pimples in total and I’ve been using it for 11 weeks. I would’ve had 11 pimples by now lol. Pictures speak for themselves. I have no makeup on any and my skin has a beautiful glow. I’m also using curology and a lighting cream for the marks BUT no more incredibly painful pimples on my chin. THANK YOU DERMALA !

Acne Facial Cleanser & Acne Probiotic Supplement

Laurie Lucas
I love Scantilly Pads, they help clear up my face!

I love Scantilly Pads, they help clear up my face!