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Based on 737 reviews

It has worked on my teenage boy who has pretty bad acne, as long as he takes it everyday like he should.

Even helps with resistant acne

I am a 72 year old woman with a 60 year history of cystic acne that never went away...The Supplement to Be keeps my acne under control and is a cornerstone of my acne regime to keep my acne well controlled.

Works better than the others

5 Stars

Started taking DIM 2 months ago and I can see a huge improvement with my skin. I was dealing with hormonal acne really bad. I rarely have breakouts now. It has really improved my skin!! I will continue to use it!!

Best CLEANSE Forever® (Normal/Combination Skin)


These were a total life savor. Never had acne till I turned 27 and tried everything. Used these and it cleared it right now. Big believer.

SUPPLEMEANT to Be® Pre+Probiotic+Vitamin Skin Mix

Best CLEANSE Forever® (Normal/Combination Skin)

Supplement to be vitamin skin mix

I stared with the prebiotic supplement for 3months and it clear my pimples it was sooo amazing. And I’m using the daily supplement now and it working so well to me. And I did recommend to my coworkers also. So bless to find this one.

Works well

Not sure it helps with my skin as much but I can tell a big difference in mood changes throughout the month. I was feeling depressed and this supplement helps a lot. My moods don’t go from high to low like they used to.

Hormonal Acne Gone

I can say-without hesitation- Meant to Be Dim Skin Mix is the Only product in almost 15 years of struggle with hormonal acne after quitting birth control that has actually solved the problem. No other supplement, topical treatment, diet change..has ever done for me what Dermala has. So grateful for this product.

It’s very effective.


Amazing results! It actually works , I was struggling with my acne on the bottom of my chin and my skin was clearing after 2-3 weeks. Thank you Dermala! (:

It helps!

I've been taking this for a couple of months now & have noticed a slight reduction in my hormonal acne on my chin & chest. Will continue to use & hoping for even more results as time goes by.

Works well

I bought Dermala for my daughter. She was on Spironolactone and she gained a lot of weight. In addition I was worried about the side effects of the medication and possibly kidney issues. I saw Demala online, read the reviews and thought we would try. She is starting her 3rd bottle. She is satisfied with the product. She still is breaking out but it is manageable.

SUPPLEMEANT to Be® Pre+Probiotic+Vitamin Skin Mix

These really work!

I have purchased multiple times now because I can see the results the overnight. Sucks up all the oil, minimizes and skin clears up quickly!

Like most patches, getting them off the film without them folding onto themselves is difficult

Works for me!

I like that this helps to minimize breakouts without being overly drying. It’s a hard balance to find. I use this with the cleanser for combination skin and follow with their moisturizer. It removes any leftover make up or dirt that my face wash leaves behind.


Nice work

So far so good

Only been using these products for a few weeks, but I'm liking them so far.

Acne pads for my son, moisturizer is for me!

I’m a 50yo Dad with an 18 yo acned son! I subscribe to the whole kit because the facewash and acne pads are great for my son’s acne. I, however, love the moisturizer because of its anti-aging properties. I don’t go anywhere without it. I’m looking forward to the sunscreen if it’s in the plan.

SUPPLEMEANT to Be® Pre+Probiotic+Vitamin Skin Mix

Love it

I used these pills before and the first months are always the same but after 2-3 months you can see the results and I love it . Thank you

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