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DIM skin mix

Works wonders!

I love it!☺️

I recently purchased the vitamin mix to help with some breakouts and I noticed the vitamins worked fast. I was so happy to see the breakouts disappear.

I’m So Happy I Found Dermala!

I have used so many products in an attempt to get clear, soft, radiant skin and a lot of them failed. But, I finally stumbled across Dermala and my skin has improved so much since then! I’m very happy I gave it a try!

Less than 1 month usage

I haven’t really noticed anything major yet. I was breaking out on my back and chin. It has gotten a little better. Still willing to try it for a couple more months to see how it goes. I hope it works!

Great for sensitive skin!

Leaves my skin feeling smooth and not red. After years of looking for a product for my sensitive skin - I have finally found one!

Love these products

I have seen a huge improvement in my skin just in the last 30 days. Loving these products. Thank you!

Acne Treatment Pads & Acne Probiotic Supplement

Amazing Product!

I have had hormonal acne for years and this product has made a huge difference in my skin. I find to breakout less and that my acne scars are reducing in size due to the product.

Great Product

I feel like it’s a great product. I don’t have any more breakouts on the jawline and it’s sat well on my body from a digestive and skin aspect. I believe the DIM has a lot to do with it

Gentle and effective

I’ve been using this face wash for a month. It gets all of my make up off and leaves my face feeling clean and fresh without drying out my skin. I am starting to see improvement in my skin as far as acne goes.

SUPPLEMEANT to Be® Pre+Probiotic+Vitamin Skin Mix

Acne clearing up

Since I've started using this supplement my cystic acne isn't coming back! I've also started to notice that the more surface acne is starting to disappear as well. I've already been through 2 bottles. Time will tell but I have great hope that this will continue to keep my acne away.

Worked for my daughter's acne.

My daughter had hormonal breakouts for about a year but then she had consistent cystic acne. I tried different topical products and different supplements. The doc prescribed antibiotics but we chose not to go that route. I did more “research” then I found Dermala. In combination with a topical regimen (not Dermala) and the daily probiotic from Dermala her acne has dramatically cleared. She gets hormonal breakouts but they are very mild. This works for her and I am so grateful.


Is absolutely GORGEOUS 😍 love u

Laurie A. Lucas
I love Scantilly Pads, they help clear up my face!

I am extremely satisfied with these pads, they gently cleanse my skin and my acne is clearing up.

They work !

I been having cyst acne for over 4 years now and I have tried using so many face wash , facial even went to the dermatologist they recommended isotretinoin my cyst went away then it came back after few months , I decided to try these pills and it definitely work for me in just 2 weeks I seen a huge different !

Pleasantly surprised

Okay, so let me start off by saying that I have tried many subscriptions and OTC products: Y’OUR skincare, Misumi, and Paula’s Choice. I have had the most success with DERMALA. I suffer from papules, pustules, and eczema. I have been to dermatologists that have recommended aggressive treatments like months of doxycycline and accutane. Additionally, I’ve tried spironolactone and hormonal birth control. I did not appreciate the negative side effects prescribed medication had on my physical and mental health, and other subscriptions or OTC medications would help improve my skin temporarily— only to result in worse outcomes later. I like the simplicity of DERMALA. The directions are straightforward, and the app helps users track their progress. The only knock I have on this product is that I wish the bundle FOBO package included more. If I could build my own monthly box I would include face wash, face sunscreen, face moisturizer, salicylic acid pads, and oral supplements.

Great products that work

These products have been working great. I have been using them for almost 2 months now and my acne is not gone by any means, but it is less than it has been in a while. Giving 4 stars because scantily pads only come with 50, should be 60 to get you through the whole month.

Dermala pills

The pills work great i am not a fan of the wipes they break out my skin a little more but with just the pills i saw a huge change before i was even finished with the first bottle



Good results

I’ve been using it for about 2 months, just about to finish my second round. My acne is somewhat severe (and hormonal), so improvement is slow but definitely there!!

Seeing improvement

Just started on our second bottle , seeing improvement in skin . We will see after the second bottle .