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This product is the best

Nothing else worked. Dermela is so effective! If you consist acne, I would highly recommend it

Loved it!

They stay on, I like that it prevents me from touching my pimples

A staple for sure!

Both my teenage daughter and myself (32) use these patches. They’re great! I’m really bad about touching my face, so these are very helpful. They reduce the size and severity of any blemish. My daughter gets smaller pimples that a patch, worn overnight, basically eliminates. I tend to get cysts and over the course of 2-3 days, the patches make them go away. No more painful bumps that hurt and take Forever to heal! We first received these in a subscription box, but I’ve since them through this website and will continue to do so. Amazing product, I can’t recommend it enough.

The greatest!!!!

Get them, try them, love them!

Absolutely amazing!

My teen daughter has tried almost everything and we have never seen any product respond so quickly and actually clear her skin naturally. We are beyond impressed! Highly recommend this product!!

Pleasantly Surprised

I am 41 and have had acne for 30 years. I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on drug store brands, dept. store brands, and everything in between. The past couple of years I decided to change my routine and only use natural ingredients, which has made the biggest difference. I found Dermal through my Goodbeing monthly box and decided to purchase the patches and the advanced probiotics. Both items arrived in a beautiful, reusable cloth bag, with a handwritten note from the CEO of the company who included a free package of patches--what a wonderful surprise!

I have experimented with the patches in a variety of ways. When I have placed it over a pimple that I can feel is beginning to appear, it is gone the next day. When I have placed it over a fully developed pimple, the pain, redness and inflammation is gone the next day. The pimple is still there but it is much smaller and heals much quicker than normal. I did put it over a very red pimple that appeared on the side of my breast, which I seldom get, but all it did was relieve the pain. The pimple did not change in size and the redness remained. Even with that, I am super happy with these little patches and highly recommend them.

This stuff works!

So I'd seen new products coming out similar to dermala, but usually the price was too expensive. (Nerd Skin Care is like $200, WTH?) But I went with dermala because they made the money back guarantee, which means they must really believe in this product. Well let me tell you, it works! I've suffered from acne since I was 15 in high school and I'm now 25. I have had acne where it literally covered my whole face, but for now, my skin has been mostly clear, it just occasionally becomes spotty when I eat like crap (dairy/cheese) and get stressed out. When I started using the acne pads, the spots went away within a week and my skin stayed that way. Another week went by, still clear. So I started to get cocky and I tested out how well this stuff works. I went and bought myself a good flavored block of cheese with some crackers. Normally I would end up with 3-4 huge, under the skin pimples on my chin. NOPE! I had one pimple that acted like it was going to come in and then it just went away! Also, I highly recommend the pimple patches they sent for free! I forgot to mention that it was really cute that the CEO sends a postcard and you also get a free little drawstring bag. I've been using that to hold my makeup on trips!


These are the absolute best acne patches on the market! They get rid of pimples overnight and leave no redness or scarring afterwards. And I love this company! My order came with a very sweet, handwritten note and they also gave me an extra pack of the patches just because. I will definitely be ordering from them again!

Fresh, clean skin

Within the first few days of using this pad 1-3 times daily after using a Babyganics baby wipe to clean my face, I noticed a clearer, smoother skin. I have now been using it for a little approximately 8-10 days regularly and my skin is near my desired appearance! I used a moisturizer by andalou after occasionally if I noticed my skin appear dry, and that’s all! Very happy with my results and very impressed, pleased with the pleasant customer service and desire to meet individual customer needs and desires. Thank you Dermala for having functional products and pleasant people advocating for them!

Love these and extremely effective

Got a sample of these patches in one of my beauty subscription boxes and immediately bought more after trying the sample. It’s so crazy how these work and so easy. You just put it on at night and in the morning you can literally see the results which is kinda cool and gross at the same time. About to buy more of these because I have given a lot away to my friends to try and they are buying them like me.

They make a difference

These stickies don't get rid of pimples overnight but they do cut the healing time in half and reduce the size of the bump significantly, which is more than any other "natural" acne product has done for me.


Acne Pimple Patches

It's gross how well they work

There's nothing more satisfying than sticking a sticker on a red bump on your face at night and peeling it off the next day.

You can actually see the oils absorbed on the sticker when you peal it off. It's so gross and satisfying I actually check for the starts of pimples every night just to uses these puppies. I wish this was around when I was a teen!

10/10 will definitely buy again

Works disgustingly well

Working in a professional setting, I really can't have white heads on my face so either I pop them myself and my face turns red and hurts. OR, the better way I have found is at night I exfoliate and stick one of these over a white head. When morning comes around the patches are full and I peel them off my face with a sick fascination. Its really gross, but just feels right getting that gunk out of my pores. They come in different sizes and stay on through the night!

Excellent product

I got this product for my daughter who absolutely loves it. She refuses to use over the counter acne products and feels that they dry up her skin and make her face appear red. She is very happy with Dermala’s acne pads and keeps ordering them.

It works :D

It works when so many other things havent. Hoping it stays effective!

It does what it says it will

They really do suck the nasties right out of your pores when used correctly! I was amazed and disgusted the first time I peeled a dot off my face, and saw that it hard turned white and bubbled slightly because it was so full. They stick to my skin very well, and I never have to worry about them coming off. They're not super noticeable, so if I have to wear them during the day I will, but its just easier to wear them at night whenever possible. I will definitely buy these again, and have already recommended them friends.

Totally worth it!

I absolutely adore this kit! Will be buying more


I like the science behind gut health contributing to acne. It seems like if I have too much dairy I break out really bad. Using the probiotic with my current routine is great! Makes me feel cleaner and i've gotten compliments on my skin since using it.

Works Awesome!

I've been using for a little over a month now and at first my skin got a little worse but I stuck with it and now its really clearer than ever. Seriously good stuff!

Amazing product

These pads have been so helpful. I noticed an immediate diminishment of redness. I also like this product because it does not dry out my skin, like most over the counter acne products.

Noticeable difference

Was a little skeptical at first but I've tried just about everything under the sun as far as acne treatments go so I figured why not. I use this and the medicated pads and between both of them my acne is clearing up. Can't really say which works better but I definitely feel "good" when taking these.

Absolutely loving it so far

It does exactly what it says it does and it doesn't cost me an arm and a leg like other treatments what not to love

Glowing SKin!!

I don't often write reviews but this is my favorite product nowadays. My skin is super sensitive and this felt so gentle and left my skin feeling smooth and glowing!

Works for me!

Will definitely reorder many times!