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The Dermala Difference

SE Microbiome Complex®

SE Microbiome Complex® is a Patented microbiome-based ingredient that only Dermala has. This unique ingredient reduces inflammation, kills bad, acne-causing bacteria while letting good bacteria flourish.

SE Microbiome Complex® is clinically proven to significantly improve the efficacy of salicylic acid, without any increase in irritation (dryness, redness, itching, stinging, flaking). Dermala’s exclusive combination of SE Microbiome Complex® and salicylic acid outperforms salicylic acid alone in reducing number of acne lesions, size of acne lesions, inflammation and acne severity, while also resulting in improved overall appearance of the skin, and improved skin smoothness.

Reduction of acne lesion number

80% vs. 50%

% of subjects reporting reduction of acne lesion number, week 8

Reduction of acne severity

70% vs. 30%

% of subjects reporting reduction of acne severity, week 8

Reduction of inflammation

80% vs. 50%

% of subjects reporting reduction of inflammation, week 8

Reduction of acne lesion size

70% vs. 50%

% of subjects reporting reduction of acne lesion size, week 8

How does SE Microbiome Complex® work?

A completely new approach to skin health, SE Microbiome Complex® gently clears breakouts without using benzoyl peroxide, retinoids or antibiotics - which means when you exclusively use Dermala’s products containing SE Microbiome Complex® to clear your acne, you can say bye bye to irritation and redness. SE Microbiome Complex® rebalances your microbiome using prebiotics and postbiotics so that your acne is cleared, naturally.

If you currently use an acne treatment regimen that contains benzoyl peroxide, retinoids, antibiotics or other acne fighting ingredients but aren’t totally happy with your results, try Dermala’s products with SE Microbiome Complex® and experience clearer skin and better, faster results without irritation, dryness, redness, itching or flaking.

What products contain
SE Microbiome Complex®?

SE Microbiome Complex® is found exclusively in Dermala’s topical products including

CLEANSE with Benefits

daily cleanser

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acne treatment pad

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