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Dermala is...

  • A science-based acne-fighting super system that works inside and out.
  • The name that makes C. acnes, the acne-causing bacteria, quiver in fear.
  • Your skin’s new best buddy.
  • And a dedicated team of lovable nerds working to combine human microbiome science with skincare and big data.

Lada Rasochova


Scientist, Microbe Nerd

Michelle Kem


Chemist, Skincare Geek

Alex Alim


Software Engineer, Data Dweeb

Our story

Dermala was hatched up at the University of California San Diego and JLABS, the Johnson & Johnson Innovation incubator.(So yeah, this is about to get science-y.)

It all started with an idea from Dr. Lada Rasochova. See, Lada knew there was a big problem with acne treatments and she decided it was time to start an innovative skincare company that was ready to think smaller. Wayyy smaller. From her work, Lada knew that, to make a real difference, you couldn’t just treat the symptoms of acne on the skin’s surface, you had to attack the source: the itsy bitsy bacteria throughout your microbiome that cause so much trouble.

So Lada got together with her friends, Michelle and Alex.

Michelle’s a chemist and biochemist with a deep and abiding love for skincare. (Michelle bets she’s seen more YouTube skincare tutorials than you, #sorrynotsorry!).
Alex is a software engineer with a passion for big data.

Together, this team of acne-blasting powerhouses sat down and had a hard think and Dermala was the result.

Now, here we are.

Several years, a lot of hard work, and multiple patent applications later –with a complete, FDA-approved, personalized acne treatment solution that fights acne-causing bacteria from inside and out. Not to mention a clinical trial with incredible results and tons of glowing customer reviews. Now that’s a story with a happy ending!

Wait, so… what exactly is Dermala?

We’re a skincare company specializing in defeating tough, tricky (and regular old) acne with our #FOBO kit. Sent monthly to your door, our super awesome kit uses 4 bad bacteria-busting products to deliver a modern suite of probiotics, prebiotics, and postbiotics to balance the skin and gut microbiome and purge the bacteria that cause breakouts.

And we use big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to personalize and continually optimize the treatment to your skin’s needs based on your results.

Pretty cool, huh?

Get my #fobo kit