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The Microbiome Authority

About Our Company

Trillions of microorganisms live in and on our bodies, collectively comprising the human microbiome.

Dermala is combining human microbiome science with dermatology and digital health technologies to develop novel, personalized, microbiome-based solutions for acne, eczema, and other skin conditions. Dermala is The Microbiome Authority™. Dermala was born at the University of California San Diego and JLABS, the Johnson & Johnson Innovation incubator.

About Our Founder

Dr. Lada Rasochova, PhD MBA is the founder and CEO of Dermala. Lada is a scientist by training. She completed her PhD in molecular, cellular, and developmental biology with a focus on the smallest biological organisms and elements - microbes and viruses.

Lada is driven by her passion for turning scientific discoveries into products and finding solutions that will improve the lives of millions of people around the world. She’s spent many years in the pharma and biotech industry developing new medicines, researching the microbiome, and drawing connections between the various elements of the microbiome and treating and preventing a myriad of diseases including skin disorders such as acne.

A Healthy-Lifestyle Enthusiast

She’s remained active in the academic world working in the intersection of science and commercialization at UC San Diego, teaching at the Rady School of Management, and advising the next generation entrepreneurs including founding a startup accelerator for female founders that has received several national awards and recognitions.

In her free time, Lada is a healthy-lifestyle enthusiast and enjoys taking advantage of San Diego’s beautiful beaches and coastal areas.