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Dermala Skin Tests

1 Skin Oiliness Test + 1 pH Test

It can be hard to understand whether or not your acne products are improving your overall skin health during your treatment journey. Good acne treatments will help reduce skin oiliness and support barrier health. The Dermala Skin Tests will help you track the health and improvement of your skin throughout your treatment journey.

  • The Skin Oiliness Test measures the oil levels of your skin
  • The Skin pH Test measures the pH of your skin which corresponds to barrier health
  • Use one of each test per month to track your skin’s improvement during your acne treatment

    Skin pH & Oiliness Tests

    The Dermala Skin Tests will measure the oil level and pH of your skin to track how your skin changes while using your acne treatment. You can log your test results to see how your skin changes month to month.

    What you’ll need

    Your Skin Oiliness & Skin pH Tests Your computer or mobile device

    When to test

    For best results, test first thing in the morning before starting your skincare routine, or at least 2 hours after applying any product to your face.

    What to do

    Follow the directions on each skin test card, scan the QR code to access your Digital Skin Report Card, and enter the results. Repeat these tests each month to track how your skin is changing.

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