PATCH Me (if You Can) targeted pimple patches

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Squeezing pimples spreads bacteria and causes inflammation and scarring. Don’t do it. Put a patch on it and watch the pimple magically disappear. Just kidding, it’s not magic. It’s science. But science is better.

Speeds healing Stops the spread of bacteria Absorbs oil and pus Prevents scarring Reduces inflammation and redness*

Acne Pimple Patches

#FOBO - "For a Friend" Kit

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Commitment-phobe? Here’s a one-time starter kit. It’s not personalized, but it comes with all the products included in the personalized #FOBO kit, using the most popular formulations. Inside you’ll find a cleanser, acne treatment pads, daily supplements, and pimple patches to quickly heal the occasional pimple. This is one kit you your friend won't want to be without.

#FOBO - "For a Friend" Kit