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First of all, what causes acne?

Before we think about treating acne, it’s important to understand what causes acne. For many people, acne begins with hormonal changes leading to an increase in sebum (oil) production by the sebaceous glands attached to the hair follicles.  When the hair follicles become plugged by oil and dead skin cells, the follicle may appear as a white head or black head (if you’re not sure how to identify acne types, check out this post). Pimples appear when the clogged pores become inflamed or infected with bacteria, specifically the bacteria, P. acnes. It’s important to note that your skin is covered in bacteria, but the majority of these bacteria are beneficial for our skin. These good bacteria help to properly develop our immune system, keep our skin hydrated, and prevent bad bacteria from overgrowing and causing disease.

The #FOBO (Fear of Breaking Out) Kit

So as you can see, acne is complicated! This is why fighting acne calls for much more than just popping a few pimples and smearing your cheeks with an aggressive treatment. The Dermala #FOBO (Fear of Breaking Out) kit is a personalized acne treatment that works from the inside and outside, on every cause of acne (take a quiz to find your personalized kit).

Each kit comes with the CLEANSE with Benefits AM/PMTM Cleanser, which is formulated with natural plant extracts, amino acids, and the SE Microbiome ComplexTM all at a low pH to gently cleanse the skin and provide a clean palette for the SCANTILY Pad AM/PMTM Acne Treatment without sucking out all the moisture.

The FDA-approved SCANTILY Pad AM/PMTM Acne Treatment is personalized to your skin needs and contains some combination of salicylic acid, the SE Microbiome ComplexTM and organic Aloe vera. The salicylic acid is a chemical exfoliant that removes dead skin cells to help open and prevent clogged pores, and the SE Microbiome ComplexTM has a combination of prebiotics and postbiotics to nourish the good bacteria on your skin and kill the acne-causing bacteria, respectively. Feeding the good bacteria also helps to prevent the bad bacteria from overgrowing, preventing future breakouts.

The #FOBO kit also includes the SUPPLEMEANT to BeTM Daily Pre + Probiotic Mix to address the inside factors that could be contributing to your breakouts. For some people, having a disruption in the gut microbiome (the microbes living in our intestines that breakdown food) can lead to system-wide inflammation and an increase in oil production, thereby worsening your acne. Adding good bacteria and vitamins back to your gut could help alleviate acne-associated inflammation and oil production.

Then, last but not least, each #FOBO kit comes with the PATCH Me (If You Can)TM Targeted Pimple Patches. They are clear, drug-free, easy-to-use little miracles that absorb pus and oil, prevent the spread of bacteria, and minimize scarring. 

Fight the #FOBO and #LiveYourBestSkin.





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