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Breaking Out on Your Chin? Here’s why.

Various factors come together to produce a pimple, including an increase in oil production, the improper shedding of skin cells, and bacterial overgrowth. However, how much each of these factors contributes to a breakout can vary. For instance, breakouts that occur along the chin and jawline are commonly due to hormonal changes that lead to an increase in oil production. Breakouts in these areas frequently happen due to your menstrual cycle or can be triggered by new medications, diet, and menopause. 

How to treat chin acne

Since hormonal acne is triggered by the same factors that cause acne in general, the good news is that there are many over the counter and prescription treatments available to help control and alleviate the symptoms.

Exfoliate & treat the area regularly

Hormonal acne can be tricky since breakouts typically happen on a monthly and not daily basis. Even though we can’t control our hormones without the use of oral medication, we can still address other factors that lead to acne, like clogged pores. Regularly exfoliate the skin using a topical acne treatment like salicylic acid to prevent pores from clogging. Salicylic acid is an FDA approved active ingredient for the treatment of acne and works by penetrating oil and breaking apart surface skin cells. When your hormones signal an increase in oil production, the absence of built-up dead skin cells will limit pores from clogging.

Consider oral medication

If preventative care isn’t enough to keep your chin and jawline breakouts at bay, consider talking to your dermatologist about trying an oral medication. During your menstrual cycle, your hormone levels fluctuate and cause a rise in oil production before your period. Taking an oral medication like birth control, Accutane, or spironolactone can help regulate hormone levels and decrease sebum production.

Check your diet

Certain foods have also been associated with hormonal changes and acne. Foods with a high glycemic index like white bread, soda, and ice cream can affect hormone levels and are associated with increased acne severity. Dairy also has its own set of hormones that can affect our hormone balance when consumed in abundance.

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