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Pimple patches are one of the latest crazes to take over the skincare world and for a good reason! Pimple patches are typically made from hydrocolloid. They protect blemishes from your picking fingers, absorb pus and oil, and provide a moisture-rich environment for healing. Some pimple patches also contain ingredients to fight breakouts, like salicylic acid or tea tree oil. Like most breakout fighting tools, knowing the correct way to use a pimple patch is essential to get the best results. Read on to learn about what exactly a pimple patch is and how to use it correctly.

How do they work?

The use of hydrocolloid for wound healing started in the ’80s when research suggested a moist environment could aid in wound healing. Hydrocolloid is made from a gelling agent like pectin or gelatin, and carboxymethyl-cellulose (the PATCH Me (If You Can) Targeted Pimple patches are vegan and not made with gelatin).

This gel is super absorbent and will absorb oil and pus from lesions while maintaining a moist environment to promote healing. The patches also provide a protective barrier to prevent picking and spreading bacteria, which can lead to secondary infections and acne scars.

What type of acne is best for a pimple patch?

Hydrocolloid patches, like the PATCH Me (If You Can) Targeted Pimple Patches, work best with pimples that have come to a head called pustules. Pustules are what most people think of when they think of a pimple. They appear as red, inflamed, and usually painful bumps on the skin with a yellow-white pus-filled center. 

Since pimple patches are super absorbent, hydrocolloid patches are also ideal for pustules that have accidentally popped. They will absorb excess pus from popped lesions and prevent the spread of bacteria while supporting skin healing.

How do you use them?

To work properly, pimple patches should be applied to freshly cleansed, dry skin. Remove any makeup and cleanse the skin using a gentle cleanser. Follow with a toner and wait a minute or so for the skin to dry. Choose the correct sized pimple patch for your blemish, and gently apply it right over the pimple. Apply your remaining skincare products around the pimple patch. For best results, leave each patch on for at least 6 hours to overnight. Once the patch has changed from clear to opaque in color, it should be removed and discarded.

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