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The best way to treat acne is to prevent breakouts before they even start. This is easier said than done, though. With acne-prone skin, breakouts are hard to avoid—unavoidable factors like hormones, genetics, and stress all contribute to acne. Developing a solid skincare routine can help lessen the severity of breakouts and even prevent them. Read on to learn about the best way to avoid breakouts when you have acne-prone skin.

Always remove makeup

If you wear makeup, makeup removal should be step 1 in your skincare routine. Makeup forms a layer on top of the skin that attracts dirt, oil, and debris throughout the day that clogs pores, even if it's oil-free or non-comedogenic. It’s also important to note that makeup removal and cleansing are separate steps since most cleansers are not formulated to remove makeup. Check out our past blog on how to properly remove makeup for acne-prone skin

Cleanse twice daily

Cleansing is tricky. If you wash your face too much, it causes dryness and irritation, leading to breakouts, but if you don’t wash it often enough, pores become clogged, causing breakouts. With acne-prone skin, it’s ideal to wash your face twice daily (morning and night) using a gentle cleanser. Harsh cleansers will irritate the skin and compromise the skin barrier making it harder for your breakouts to heal.

Exfoliate Often

Acne-prone skin goes hand in hand with clogged pores. Clogged pores form when oil, dead skin cells, and debris clog hair follicles. Clogged pores are also known as blackheads and whiteheads and are a type of non-inflammatory acne. When bacteria infect clogged pores, they turn into the red, inflamed bumps we commonly associate with acne. Exfoliating regularly with a beta hydroxy acid like salicylic acid will not only unclog pores but prevent new ones from forming. Use a low concentration exfoliant daily or a high concentration exfoliant once a week.

Use an acne treatment regularly

Like the name says, acne treatments are used to treat acne, but did you know acne treatments should also be used in between breakouts? With acne-prone skin, it’s essential to use an acne treatment daily, even when you're not experiencing active acne. This will help to prevent or lessen future breakouts. Salicylic acid is an ideal ingredient to use as a maintenance treatment since it prevents pores from clogging. Products that support the health of the microbiome are also ideal for a maintaining a healthy skin barrier.

Take note of your diet

For some people, different foods have an impact on their skin health and appearance. When dealing with breakouts, it’s ideal to keep a food journal to see if any patterns arise between the types of food you eat and acne. This can help to elimate trigger foods and ingredients from you diet. Dairy, processed, and sugary foods are commonly associated with pimples. You can also download the Dermala Acne Tracker App to easily track foods and habits that are contributing to breakouts.

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