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With the coronavirus going around, it’s more important than ever to keep your hands off your face. This healthy practice, along with vigorous hand-washing, is an excellent way to keep our loved ones and us healthy. Conveniently, this practice is also great for reducing breakouts. Areas where you have active breakouts are compromised skin due to a weakened barrier. If your pimple pops, then it immediately becomes an open wound that bacteria and viruses can enter. Follow these tips on how to keep your hands off your face to keep you and your skin healthy.

1. Pull back your hair

Most people don’t even realize they are touching their faces when they are touching their faces. Touching your face often results from a trigger like an itch or being tickled by your hair. Identify different triggers that are causing you to touch your face, then avoid these triggers as best as you can. If you notice your hair is blowing in your face all day and causing you to itch, take away that trigger by pulling your hair into a ponytail, or use a headband.

2. Keep your hands busy

Many times, we touch our faces because we are fidgety. While studying or working, our hands love to creep upward and mess with our faces. Prevent this by keeping your hands distracted. Play with a pen or a hair tie while you work to keep your hands busy and distracted while you get your business done.

3. Use the speakerphone

Your phone is a magnet for germs. If you are out of your house and can’t sanitize your phone, find a private area and conduct any necessary phone calls using your speakerphone.

4. Wash your hands – A LOT 

We know that it’s impossible never to touch your face while you’re out and about, so if you wash your hands as frequently as you can, the repercussions of touching your face are less severe. Remember to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds using hot water and soap.


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