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What’s the microbiome and why is it important? 

The trillions of microbes that live in and on your body are collectively referred to as your microbiome. Most of these microbes are bacteria, but they also include parasites, fungi, and viruses. This can sound very scary when you think about it, but these bacteria are beneficial and even necessary for our health. Your microbiome is so essential to our health that it’s considered to be a supporting organ. It plays a huge role in your development from birth to your daily life, including training your immune system, protecting your body from pathogens, and producing essential vitamins and amino acids. The majority of these microbes are found in your gut, but they also reside in other parts of your body, including your skin.

What does the microbiome have to do with acne?

Your skin microbiome, in particular, maintains a healthy pH-balance on your skin and fights off disease-causing bacteria. Different species of bacteria grow on your skin, depending on whether the area is oily, moist, or dry. The acne-associated bacteria, C. acnes, thrives on oily skin and is predominantly why breakouts occur on the face, chest, and back.

Sometimes the microbiome can become unbalanced when one or a few disease-causing species overgrow. With acne, an increase in hormones causes excess oil around the face, chest, and back, which mixes with dead skin cells to clog pores. These clogged pores are the perfect oxygen-free, microenvironment for C. acnes to thrive and overgrow. This overgrowth triggers the redness, pain, and inflammation we commonly associate with pimples.

What’s the Dermala SE Microbiome Complex?

The Dermala SE Microbiome Complex is a patent-pending mix of prebiotics and postbiotics to support the growth of beneficial skin bacteria while targeting acne-causing bacteria. 

          - Prebiotics feed the beneficial skin bacteria to thrive and grow

          - Postbiotics kill acne-causing bacteria to restore a healthy microbial diversity

          - The complex strengthens your microbiome to prevent future breakouts

You can find the SE Microbiome Complex in the CLEANSE with Benefits AM/PM Cleanser and the SCANTILY Pad AM/PM Acne Treatment.

The next time you grab a meal or use a skincare product, you might want to consider how these foods and products affect your microbiome's health! A healthy and balanced microbiome = a healthy and balanced you.

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