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Most acne treatments you buy at your local drugstore consist of just one product. The #FOBO Kit, however, has four different products that work best when used together. Why do we need so many products when treating acne, you ask?

Well, if you’re like us, most acne treatments you buy at the drugstore don’t work well, are irritating, and are confusing to use (i.e. Am I supposed to leave these pasty benzoyl peroxide splotches on my face all day?!). That’s because there are many factors that build up over time to cause acne, but most products only address one or two of these factors using high concentrations of irritating active ingredients.

As your hormones change, oil production on the skin increases. This excess oil mixes with dead skin cells to form clogged pores, which are the perfect environment for the usually beneficial skin bacteria, C. acnes, to thrive and overgrow. This leads to the redness, inflammation, and pain commonly associated with pimples. The health of our gut is also important when treating acne. An imbalanced gut can lead to an increase in system-wide inflammation, worsening your already inflamed breakouts.

Since multiple factors come together to cause acne, we need different products to address these different factors! Thankfully, the #FOBO Kit comes with 4 products to treat all causes of acne. 

1) The CLEANSE with Benefits AM/PM Cleanser

Cleansing your face morning and night is super important when fighting breakouts. Using a cleanser will remove excess oil and dirt from your skin, and create a clean canvas for your acne treatment to properly absorb. BUT...not any cleanser will work for acne-prone skin. Acne skin tends to be more sensitive and inflamed than non-acne skin. Dermala’s cleanser is gentle, hydrating, and at a lower pH to gently cleanse your skin without further irritating it and stripping it dry.

2) The SCANTILY Pad AM/PM Acne Treatment

The SCANTILY Pad acne treatment addresses two factors that cause acne: clogged pores and bacterial overgrowth. Salicylic acid is a plant-derived chemical exfoliant that unclogs pores, while the SE Microbiome Complex kills acne-causing bacteria and supports the growth of beneficial bacteria (more beneficial bacteria prevents bad bacteria from overgrowing).  The pads also contain Aloe vera, which helps to calm and moisturize the skin. The strengths of the ingredients change based on your specific skin and acne needs. Take this quiz on our website to find your perfect formulation!

3) The SUPPLEMEANT to Be Daily Pre + Probiotic Mix

An imbalanced gut can lead to digestive issues and an increase in system-wide inflammation – including the skin, which is not good if you’re already suffering from inflammatory acne. Different factors like diet, medication, antibiotics, or stress can lead to less-than-ideal gut health, but remember, it took a while for the gut to become unbalanced, so it will take some time to re-balance it. A daily dose of probiotics (good gut bacteria) and prebiotics (nutrition for the good bacteria) along with some skin-healthy vitamins and antioxidants can help to balance the gut, reduce inflammation, and strengthen the skin barrier. Consistency is key when it comes to probiotics!

4) PATCH Me (If You Can) Targeted Pimple Patches 

There are always those escape artist pimples that are resilient to everything you throw at them. That’s where the pimple patches come in! They’re a drug-free spot treatment that removes pus and oil from your blemishes, speed healing and reduces scarring. Just pop a patch on any stubborn pimples that need some extra help and voila!  

So, the next time you look for an acne treatment, look for one like the #FOBO Kit that will treat all causes of acne to not only fight your current breakouts but also prevent future ones!

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