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Why traditional acne treatments don’t work (and how probiotics can help)

“I tried everything to get rid of my acne. Nothing worked.”

Sound familiar? At Dermala, we’ve heard this over and over from new customers. Persistent, seemingly untreatable acne is affecting millions around the world. Topical treatments, antibiotics, scrubs and oils and creams – for many, they just don’t have the desired result, leaving countless folks feeling hopeless, with nowhere to turn to heal their skin… until now. 

Developed by scientists who specialize in the study of bacteria – like the bacteria that actually causes acne, C. acnes – the probiotic solution from Dermala has helped thousands finally get the clear skin they deserve.

Here’s why old acne solutions don’t work

Did you know that traditional methods of fighting acne haven’t been updated since the 1960s? It’s true! When you use topical drugstore treatments, you’re stuck with acne-fighting technology that hasn’t been updated since before they put a man on the moon.

See, these old topical products only fight the symptoms of an overgrowth of C. acnes bacteria – that is, the zits you see on your skin’s surface. By the time you can use them, the zits have already formed and all you can do is try to fight them back. It’s like trying to get rid of an invasive weed by mowing your lawn – you’ll never get to the root of the problem.

Heavy-duty products like antibiotics are even worse – they simply bomb your whole system, taking the good out with the bad and leaving you more vulnerable to infection. Why rip up the whole garden when all you need to do is a little weeding?

Probiotics are the key to modern skincare that works

Dermala takes what’s good about those old traditional products – with powerhouse ingredients like salicylic acid and aloe vera – and adds today’s science. 

Basically, we use specifically selected, skin-friendly probiotics – and they go weeding. With probiotic-based products, you can boost the good bacteria on your skin and in your gut microbiome and reduce the bad bacteria that causes acne, so you get a flourishing garden. In short? Dermala helps you defeat acne from the inside out, stopping zits before they happen. And the result is clear, healthy skin that lasts.

At Dermala, we believe everyone deserves the confidence that comes with clear, glowing skin. If you’re ready for clearer, happier, healthier skin, start your journey now – fight acne the modern way with Dermala.

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