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Acne and serotonin – the gut-skin-brain connection

Let’s face it, Dermala’s approach to fighting acne by balancing your microbiome? It’s pretty unique. But it’s also backed by science! And now, new studies are showing that it might have an additional mood-boosting benefit.

First, let’s talk about your microbiome. 

See, the word microbiome simply means the collection of bacteria in and on your body – most of which is good for you, protecting you from germs, breaking down food, and more. But, like any ecosystem, when one species grows too fast, it can hurt the others. 

For example, when C. acnes, the bacteria that causes pimples, becomes too strong, it outgrows the good guys on your skin, and bam! You’ve got zits. And, similarly, a microbiome imbalance in the gut leaning towards the less desirable bacteria? That can lead to inflammation throughout the body. And again, you’re stuck saying hellooo acne.

You can check out our How It Works page for more on ye olde microbiome and how Dermala helps – but today, we’re going beyond the gut-skin connection to talk about the mind.

Here’s how your gut bacteria affects how you feel.

Did you know that your microbiome can also affect your brain? It’s true! 

Scientists have found that an imbalance in your gut microbiome can make you moody and unhappy. How? The good bacteria in your gut make serotonin, the happiness hormone! 

Serotonin is the key hormone for mood stabilization and overall good feelings. It affects your whole body, from how you feel emotionally to how you’re sleeping to – maybe you can guess – your digestion. The reality is, your body is one big system, so it really just makes sense that your brain and your stomach are linked, right?

So all that means that, when bad bacteria overgrow and reduce your good bacteria count, you could find yourself with less serotonin. Bummer. (Literally.)

But the good news? You can give that bad bacteria the boot and the good guys a boost with great probiotics like the ones in our #FOBO kit

Every acne ad from the last 30 years will tell you that when you have clearer skin, you feel better and more confident. But this emerging science is showing us that feeling better when you have clearer skin may go more than skin deep. We’re excited to study and watch this trend unfold!



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