How it works

What is the human microbiome?

There are a 100 trillion bacteria living on and in our bodies, 10 times more than human cells.  These bacteria make up the human microbiome. A balanced microbiome containing good bacteria can prevent the growth of bad bacteria and train our immune system to function properly. An imbalance in the skin and gut microbiome may lead to unwanted skin diseases like acne.  

What is acne?

1. Oily Skin
2. Clogged Pores
3. P. acnes
4. Inflammation

Acne has four known disease factors. Acne occurs through a combination of events including the overproduction of oil on the skin, clogging of pores by dead skin cells and overgrowth of the acne-causing bacteria P. acnes resulting in inflammation. Currently available prescription and over-the-counter acne treatments typically address only one out of four acne disease factors which makes them not very effective. They are also based on very harsh chemicals that have side effects and destroy the good bacteria on the skin and in the gut that are important for general health including skin health.  

How is the microbiome related to acne?

At Dermala, we take a completely new approach – we balance the skin and gut microbiome to get rid of acne. Why? Because healthy clear skin can be restored by encouraging the growth of good bacteria that can eliminate and prevent acne.  Dermala's topical acne products contain nutrients that specifically feed the good bacteria on the skin along with molecules derived from the skin microbiome that kill P. acnes, unclog pores, and reduce inflammation. Dermala’s advanced acne probiotics have been formulated to deliver good bacteria to the gut to balance the gut microbiome, reduce the oil production in the skin and reduce systemic inflammation associated with acne.

Our Advantage

  • We focus on both SKIN and GUT. Other skincare companies completely ignore gut. But gut health is critical for skin health. So we do not ignore it!
  • Our products are designed to selectively eliminate bad bacteria and support the growth of good bacteria for optimal MICROBIOME BALANCE. Other companies destroy the good bacteria because their products are based on harsh chemicals. We pamper the good bacteria because they are important for skin health.
  • Our products contain NO ANTIBIOTICS and NO HARSH CHEMICALS. None. Period.
  • Our products are made with are ALL-NATURAL ORGANIC ingredients. Because we like all-natural organic ingredients on our skin.

How to get rid of acne in 5 steps with Dermala


Wash your face in the morning and at night


Apply Dermala’s Acne Treatment Pads to acne-affected areas and Dermala’s Acne Spot Treatment to individual pimples that need more attention. Apply sunscreen and any skincare or makeup products on top.  


Take Dermala’s Advanced Probiotics (1-3 times daily) and Zinc (1 time daily with a meal).


Cover whiteheads and inflamed pimples with Dermala’s Acne Pimple Patches to treat blemishes overnight.  


Repeat for at least 2 months to balance your skin and gut microbiome for a clear and beautiful complexion.

We tested our products with great results and we have the data to back it up!

We reduce skin oiliness and unclog the pores in the skin.

We selectively kill bad bacteria, the acne-causing P. acnes, including antibiotic resistant strains.

We reduce inflammation.

We support good bacteria in the skin and gut which in turn helps prevent new pimples.

All of this without using harsh chemicals and without side effects.

What Else Are We Working On?

Microbiome Analysis

Scientist's at Dermala are busy working on developing an acne microbiome analysis kit that will change your approach to selecting the treatment for acne from “try if this works” to “why guessing if you can select an acne treatment personalized just for you”. Soon, you will be able to understand what your microbiome looks like and what acne treatments are going to work best for you. Coming soon!

Acne Tracker App

Engineers at Dermala are busy working on developing an Acne Tracker App that will change everything about your acne treatment regimen and outcomes. Soon, you will be able to track if your skin is improving (or not) and use machine learning and AI to optimize your treatment regimen to achieve the best outcomes. Stay tuned! The best is yet to come.