How it works

What is the human microbiome?

There are a 100 trillion bacteria living on and in our bodies, 10 times more than human cells.  These bacteria make up the human microbiome. A balanced microbiome containing good bacteria can prevent the growth of bad bacteria and train our immune system to function properly. An imbalance in the microbiome may lead to unwanted skin diseases like acne and eczema. 

How is the microbiome related to acne?

Acne occurs through a combination of events including the overproduction of oil on the skin, the clogging of pores by dead skin cells and the overgrowth of the acne-causing bacterium P. acnes. Healthy, clear skin can be restored by encouraging the growth of good bacteria that can prevent the overgrowth of P. acnes. Dermala's acne products contain nutrients to specifically feed the good bacteria along with molecules derived from the microbiome to specifically kill P. acnes

How to get rid of acne in 5 steps with Dermala:

    1. Wash your face in the morning and at night.
    2. Apply Dermala’s Acne Treatment Pads to acne-affected areas and Dermala’s Acne Spot Treatment to areas that need more attention. Apply sunscreen and any skincare or makeup products on top.
    3. Cover whiteheads and inflamed pimples with Dermala’s Acne Pimple Patches to treat blemishes overnight.
    4. Take Dermala’s Advanced Probiotics (1-3 times daily) and Zinc (1 time daily) with a meal.
    5. Repeat for at least 2 months to balance your skin and gut microbiome for a clear and beautiful complexion.

    Our Advantage

    At Dermala, we take a holistic approach to skincare based on the latest scientific advances. Other skincare products are harsh and destroy the good bacteria on your skin that are important for hydration, elatsticity, brightness and general skin health. In addition, scientists agree that an unhealthy gut may lead to unhealthy skin. Other skincare companies completely ignore the gut. DERMALA IS DIFFERENT.

    • We focus on both SKIN and GUT.
    • Our products are designed to selectively eliminate bad bacteria and support good bacteria for optimal microbiome BALANCE.
    • Our products contain NO ANTIBIOTICS and NO HARSH CHEMICALS.
    • Our products are made with are ALL-NATURAL ORGANIC ingredients.