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“Skin streaming” is all the rage right now, but is it really a good idea for those of us who suffer from sensitive, acne-prone skin?

Whether you’ve heard of skin streaming and want help deciding whether it’s right for your skin, or you’re just curious about what exactly this skincare trend is, you’ve come to the right place. 

We’re here to answer your questions about skin streaming and why it might be a good idea (yep!) for sensitive and blemish-prone skin.

First of all, what is skin streaming?

“Skin streaming” may sound like you’ll be live broadcasting your skincare routine, but it’s really something much simpler. In essence, skin streaming is just a trend where you focus on streamlining your skincare routine. This is done to minimize steps and products used – without compromising on effectiveness. 

Skin streaming is about asking yourself what you can take away from your routine for better skin health, and is especially popular among those who have long, complicated, expensive skincare routines and those who haven’t been getting their desired results from their current regimen.

So, does skin streaming work?

It sure does! Here’s the scoop.

Skin streaming is actually a great idea, especially for those who aren’t happy with their current routine. Not all skincare products are built equally, and in the age of social media influencers, it’s easy to get influenced into buying products you don’t need or that aren’t right for your unique skin.

10-step skincare routines have become very popular,  but not everyone’s skin responds well to tons of product, and not everyone has the same skin needs and concerns. Some products and routines can dry out your skin, cause irritation or oiliness, or smell nice but not really do much. 

It’s particularly helpful to take time to reassess for anyone struggling with acne that won’t go away or who’s finding that their skin is consistently irritated. It might be a sign that the products you’re using aren’t the right ones for your skin.

Besides, too many steps can make it harder to do your full routine every morning and evening, and too many products can actually result in your skin not getting the full benefit of each product you’re using (yes, it is possible to put too much stuff on!). Not to mention the cost of upkeep of an intense skincare routine like that!

So, we say yes, if you’re on the fence, consider giving skin streaming a shot.

The top benefits of skin streaming for acne sufferers are:

  • Get your products’ full benefits. Too many products can reduce the overall effectiveness of any one product
  • Avoid accidental irritants. Combining products can sometimes create unintended reactions that can be irritating to sensitive skin
  • Limit excess product. In general, if you’re using the right products, less is more for acne-prone skin – too many layers of products can start to clog pores and create added problems
  • Uncover possible problem products. If you have tough-to-beat acne, identifying things in your skincare routine to eliminate might help you find products that were making things worse instead of better

You’ll want to make sure you don’t eliminate products that are helping, but broadly, too many products are especially likely to cause irritation in those with acne-prone or sensitive skin, so this is likely to be a good thing for your skin and skin routine (and budget!).

How to try skin streaming for yourself
1. Audit all your products

Start by collecting all the products you use right now. Take a closer look at those products. Do they all contain active ingredients that help address your skin concerns? Are any of the products duplicates, containing the same active ingredient or performing the same function? Do any of them contain irritants or overdrying ingredients? (We generally recommend avoiding benzoyl peroxide if you have acne that isn’t clearing up as it can be overdrying.)

2. Identify what you actually need

Generally, you want something to help keep your skin clean, something to help you stay moisturized, a sunscreen for the daytime, and a product that supports your skin health and addresses any specific concerns. Of course, if you have something prescribed by a doctor, it’s always best to keep that in your routine or consult with them before stopping use.

Consider your unique skin needs. If you have problems that aren’t being addressed by your current routine, now’s a good time to look to see if you have anything that could be making trouble, anything you could put more emphasis on in your routine while eliminating other products to help address those needs, or if there’s anything you need to add.

For those with persistent acne, we strongly recommend trying products that use probiotics, either as a supplement or in a topical application, to discover if the issue might be in your microbiome. (We’re not just shamelessly plugging here, our salicylic acne wipes outperformed an over-the-counter competitor without probiotics in every metric in an independent clinical study!)

3. Pare down to the basics

Once you’re figured out what you need, put together a new plan for your skincare routine and take a pause on every other product in your cabinet. (You don’t need to toss them all out, but give them a rest for a couple of weeks to see how the change affects your skin!

Choose a few products that will give you the most bang for your buck, so to speak, and give skin streaming a try!

Sample streamlined skincare routine with Dermala

We recommend including:

Morning: Cleanser, Moisturizer, Sunscreen

Evening: Cleanser, Microbiome-supporting product(s) – pads or supplements, Moisturizer

Since our OAT So Sweet Moisturizer includes microbiome-boosting, acne-fighting, and skin-soothing ingredients, it can do a lot of the heavy lifting required to keep your skin happy, healthy, and glowing. Add in our probiotic-powered acne-fighting cleanser and either our clinically-proven exfoliating pads or a skin-friendly supplement that works for your specific concerns. That should leave you with a simple, streamlined skin care routine with only a handful of products with all the good stuff and none of the drying, irritating trouble makers.

And that’s everything you need to know to put skin streaming to work for your sensitive skin

With skin streaming, you can find the right mix of just a few products that work for you to help you uncover the happy, glowing, healthy skin you deserve. We recommend taking the leap. Your face – and your wallet – might just thank you!

Now sure what makes sense for your streamlined routine? Take the Skin Quiz to get started.


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